Best Cheap Rear Wheel Drive Cars

  1. Mazda MX5

As one of best Cheap rear wheel drive cars, Mazda cost around 4,000 USD, cheaper compared to other high brand car. Even so, this car is still equipped with high quality and good engine. This car equipped with a capacity of 1,500 cc engine technologically skyactive with a combination of 6 speed manual transmission and 6 speed automatic with rear-wheel drive system, with the application of sporty KODO design – the soul of motion for the exteriors is similar to Mazda3 and Mazda6. With an elongated front design and has a fairly low Whellbase design.With the Soft Top Roof is certainly useful when it rains, with Mazda Miate design that has a hood can be opened with an anti-water rubber material.

  1. Nissan Z

As one of best Cheap rear wheel drive cars,Hyundai Genesis Coupe has two different engine options. Both inline 4 cylinder and V6 have improved technology. Version 3.8-liter V6 engine is now equipped with the latest direct injection technology. While the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine variants have improved through the application of twin-scroll turbocharger and larger intercooler. Both Hyundai Genesis Coupe models are also supported by a choice of 8-speed automatic transmission with SHIFTRONIC shifthead-shifting capability paddle shift. In other words, this technology makes Genesis Coupe 2013 has the ability to move manual transmission.

  1. Ford Mustang

As one of best Cheap rear wheel drive cars,The latest Ford Mustang engine is a new breakthrough for Muscle Car legend of America at this time, because the total cylinder content of this machine is only 2,300 cc only, the number of cylinder is also only 4. Although small, this machine is capable of issuing energy that is not inferior to 4,000 cc engine. Ford Mustang EcoBoost engine uses two twin scroll turbocharger that has moved from low Rpm for faster response, so do not be surprised if the GTDi EcoBoost technology is able to spend power up to 350 Ps at low Rpm at number 4,500, the torque is also very promising in Number 407 Nm at 2,500 Rpm.

Cheap Rear Wheel Drive Cars

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