Best Choice For New Cars Under 10000

  • Toyota Corolla Altis

One advantage from Toyota Corolla Altisis that this car considered as cheap car and even for New cars under 10000. In exterior aspect, this car carries a wider front bonnet and lower with a line that flows seamlessly from front to back. Its low size to the ground and front bonnet is wider, providing aerodynamic fault to increase driving stability. In the rearview mirror, an additional sein indicator has been added to increase security when overtaking or turning. On the back is also equipped with parking sensors. In terms of interior, the car has been added Audio 2 Din with 6 disc charger that is able to produce good sound when setting the music. This makes the driving atmosphere becomes more cool, relaxed and warm.

New Cars Under 10000

  • 2009 Pontiac Vibe

This car rated very well with Consumer Reports, U.S. News & World Report, and Greg Macke, a professional car buyer and consumer advocate at Your Car Angel. Because this car has the Pontiac name on it, it comes at a much lower price than the high-quality Matrix, which makes the Vibe very affordable. As one of New cars under 10000, this car still equipped with good specification. The engine able to make it perform in high speed in flat and solid track. The exterior of this car looks very elegant, and has equipped with aerodynamic air system, which able to make car perform in high speed.

  • Honda Civic

This car is classified as one of best New cars under 10000. Honda Civic 2016 brings the structure of the body frame G-CON + ACE which has dimensions of length 4,630 mm, width 2,075 mm height 1,416 mm and wheelbase 2,700 mm and the distance of the front / rear 1.547 mm / 1.563 mm. With dimensions and the size of the wheel axis, of course, can be expected that the Honda Civic 2016 has a medium size so it is quite easy to drive.

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