How Much Honda Ridgeline Towing Capacity

Honda lists 5,000 pounds or 2,268 kg Honda ridgeline towing capacity. This towing capacity is still beneath other similar cars towing capacity, which able to tow until 6,000 pounds. This capacity is based on the shape and the size of Honda ridgeline itself, which isn’t very big enough. This car is indeed intended for family using, like for towing cabin car for camping. With that weight of towing capacity, this car able to tow small boat. 5,000 pounds is only for towing capacity, while Honda ridgeline can still able to bring 150 pounds of cargo while towing 5,000 pounds of any vehicle. Therefore ridgeline is still strong enough in towing any vehicle with that weight.

Honda Ridgeline Towing Capacity

Even so, that Honda ridgeline towing capacity is still lack compared to other SUV cars. There are other SUV cars, which had higher towing capacity, and is often used for towing a boat. Those are like Ford Expedition, which able to tow 9,200 pounds, Chevrolet Tahoe, which able to tow 8,600 pounds, and Nissan Armada which able to tow 8,500 pounds. There are still other SUV which able to tow for more than 5,000 pounds. It make Ridgeline isn’t one of the best SUV with the towing capacity. Even so, ridgeline is very suitable for family use, especially for brining carriage for picnic. Ridgeline also still able to tow any boat, as long as it weight less than 5,000 pounds.

Honda ridgeline towing capacity is also not the smallest of other SUV. There are other small SUV types which has towing capacity beneath 5,000 pounds. Those are like Chevrolet Equinox with 3,500 pounds towing capacity, Ford Escape, Mitsubishi Outlander, and Mercedes Benz GLK250, which all of them had the same towing capacity. With that capacity, those SUV able to tow small sized vehicle, and is often to be used for towing small vehicle and for family usage.

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