Michelin Premier A/S Review Product Tire

Michelin Premier a/s has been launched in 2014 ago. Have been produced for 3 years, there are several Michelin Premier a/s Review Product come from the customer view. Most of the review said that this tire has brought good performance and durable for long time. The tire is very suitable to be brought in hard track like in the muddy and sandy area. Material chosen for this tire made the car performance good along with it. It can bring car drive fast, durable in mound road, and suitable to drive along hard track like mountain tracks. Further information about the product, Michelin Premier a/sis available in 32 sizes ranging from 185 / 65R15 to 245 / 45R18, and will come with a 60,000 mile warranty.

Michelin Premier a/s Review

As part of Michelin Premier a/s Review Product, Michelin offers “Ever Grip” technology, which is guaranteed to last longer than its competitors, with 60,000 miles (96,000 km).Ever Grip technology is claimed to be able to maintain, even increase the traction on the surface of the road when the tire grows bare. This tire is manufactured using a rubber compound with a concentrated silica content and sunflower oil. The engineered tire design widened when the tires were thinning, as opposed to traditional tires that typically narrowed.

Remarkably again, based on Michelin Premier a/s Review Product, this tire has 150 spare grooves hidden in the wall, effectively replacing the position of the flower when the palm begins to thin. Michelin emphasizes its newest tire capability in providing security and says unlike traditional tires, the Michelin Premier A / S is able to sustain traction when the tire tread is bare for wear. Michelin claims that the new tire can provide shorter stopping spacing, hydroplaning resistance, and increase grip when it is new or has been obsolete (tarnished bald tires).

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