Michelin X-Ice Xi3 For Different Season

As far as driver and riders’ experience related to their ability to know the advantages of Michelin x-ice xi3 along with its world class quality tires whose performance has been recognized in international racing events such as Formula 1. While the weakness for the Indonesian market previously known less suitable for use in tropical climates such as Indonesia, tire walls easily cracked, easy rubber brittle and hard handling. In addition, the price is known to be quite high. Many professional drivers test and bet the quality of this tire and they can conclude something for this product quality.

Michelin X-Ice Xi3

According to the test results, Michelin x-ice xi3 tires have the highest assessment level of all aspects tested. Michelin City Grip Pro has the highest level of endurance compared to other competitors. For example in the aspect of ability to withstand pressure on City Grip Pro energy required up to 82.3 joules. While on other competitors’ products, with the same measuring instrument, its ability is only about 52.4 joules. The result, City Grip Pro has a 57% stronger ability than competitors.

Michelin tire products are the result of a combination of high performance and combination without sacrificing the fundamental advantages of each Michelin x-ice xi3, that is safety. Test results by TÜV Rheinland have proven the quality of Michelin tires The grip is a refinement of the grooving ratio in the tire groove, and works for straight road control and better bend even wet road. This is because Michelin chose to use 100 percent silica in the raw material. This third generation X-ICE® winter tire provides the necessary traction to safely overcome extreme winter conditions featuring Cross Z Sipes™, Micro-Pumps, and the FleX-Ice™ compound. Therefore, there is no doubt in using this kind of tire for this quality and advantage. You might purchase it for your safety rubber.

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