Michelin X-Ice Xi3 Tire For Winter Performance

Choosing winter tire is a big deal and should not be humiliated or ignored. It is important to choose perfect winter tire to perform well on slippery track with safety and without slipping. Driving with ordinary tire in the winter might cause to damage, as ordinary tire had different specification and mostly is not resistant to slippery track with snow. Therefore when winter time has come, it is important to change tire beforehand with special tire for ice and winter condition, to avoid slipping damage while driving. Michelin X-Ice Xi3 Tire is one of popular tire for winter performance, especially driving on thin ice and snow.

Michelin X-Ice Xi3

According to its name, Michelin X-Ice Xi3 Tire is designed to perform on ice and thin snow during winter. X-Ice Xi3 gather up four technologies in its tread mass design. First is Cross Z that able to resist on wet conditions. Then the sidewall of this tire designed with strong block which able to grip sturdily toward snow and ices beneath it. The tight gripping of this tire will make the car drive smoothly without slipping and snow and ice. This tire is also armed with Micro-Pumps which able to absorb water and moisture content within ice, and later pump it out during the tire rotates. Another material featured in this tire is FleX-ice, a rubber silica which is designed to be flexible and adjust the tire to slippery road. FleX-ice feature able to grip tightly and without slipping.

Most of ice tires still lack in speed performance, which make car unable to perform fast on slippery track, otherwise it will slipping and cause damage. With four features applied to Michelin X-Ice Xi3 Tire, this tire will able to perform in good speed even on the tinny snow and ice. Michelin itself has given warranty that this tire will able to perform until 40,000 mile. Even so, for safety reason, it is indeed better to avoid fast driving on ice and slippery track, even with good tire like X-Ice Xi3 installed on the car.

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