Toyota Ft-1 Price And Specification

Toyota FT-1 is known to have elegant interior. Toyota FT-1 is designed with the concept of a race car, so the look of this car is a bit extreme. The look of this car is solid seminar with pinned pair of water intake and big fender. Design for the rearview mirror on this car serves to get a slightly lower wind, equipped with a back spoiler and front LED headlight. This car comes with a front engine configuration and has a rear wheel drive (RWD), thus making this car can place the cockpit further back between the axles of the wheel. With things like this it can make the car helpful in terms of improving its weight distribution, with curved windshield shape, and a side glass setting that still traces the Toyota 2000 GT. For Toyota ft-1 price, it is announced for $60,000.

Toyota Ft 1 Price

Although Toyota ft-1 price have been announced, but the further specification from this car, like the engine type, speed capability, and so on, is not yet to be announced by Toyota. Even so, the outside look or the exterior look from this car have been published, and is known to be very elegant and high class look. No wonder that the luxurious exterior of this car is affect to the price of it, which is quite high, but worth of it.

With $60,000 as Toyota ft-1 price, this car cockpit is designed to help the driver in controlling all the action. This is also added with a colored head-up display on the top of the steering wheel that is located on the windshield. At the steering wheel, the seat is made lower to provide comfort while driving. With a futuristic shape, accompanied by a large wind vent located in the front of the car, making this car has the great possibilities to be able to race in speed.

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