What are Paddle Shifters, it is not only an accessories

Which car do you like? Automatic car or manual car? People in crowded city always chose an automatic car, for avoiding change the acceleration of the car. If they live in small city or village with bad way, they chose a car that has a big acceleration to get the powerful machine. We know that the automatic car can adjust the speed with the acceleration by itself. So, we no need to change the acceleration when we drive, it is automatically adjust our car speed. Is there any car which can do manual and automatic in one time? Absolutely yes, there is some kind of car that can do that. With the development of technology, there are some manufacture car made some kind of manual – automatic car. So, driver can change the mode from automatic to manual, or the opposite. The system of the car is using paddle shifter. What are paddle shifters?

What Are Paddle Shifters

Paddle shifter is a paddle to change the manual mode into automatic mode or automatic mode into manual mode. Many automatic car is completed with that system, this is caused by some people who like automatic car cannot get the right acceleration with fast speed when they need to slip other driver car on the street. What are paddle shifters kinds?

There are two kinds of paddle shifters, first is the static paddle shifter. Static paddle shifter is the paddle where stand in a place and it doesn’t move when we stir the steering wheel. Second is dynamic paddle shifter, where it follows the move of steering wheel. The static paddle shifter usually used by Mitsubishi brand, and the dynamic paddle shifter is usually used by Honda. Both of what are paddle shifters that driver used have the same way in using. In addition, it give the same advantage, there is no differences in using it.

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