What Are Self Driving Cars Pros And Cons

Technology have been developed year by year in order to make life simpler and better. Compared to a century ago, people still need to survive by themselves in order to fulfill their need, and need to work extra harder. While in this era, it has been very common where technology have been applied in every aspect of human life. One of them is on vehicle aspect. Car has been invented to bring people in group to travel from one place to far place. In the previous decade, car still need people to operate by driving it. However, with the development and science and technology, people no longer need to drive car again, as it have been invented self-driving system. Even so, it still have many Self driving cars pros and cons along with the system invention. Some of them will be mentioned below.

  • Pros

As Self driving cars pros and cons, self-driving still have many pros with it. In fact, many car accident in the street is caused by human mistake. Most of it caused by drunk people who unable to control driving, and cause to car accident. With the invention of self-driving system, drunk people still able to ride car safely to their place. This system have reduced the possibility of car accident. Self-driving also equipped with sudden brake system, which enable to detect cars around this car and brake when the distance is very short. It is because self-driving have been equipped with the motoric sensor which able to indicate any vehicle around it, and also control the car speed.

  • Cons

Self driving cars pros and cons, it still also had cons with it. Before driving car with this system, driver needs to check all the ability of the machine and the technical aspects. As we know that many software still have some lacks of it and as well as this self-driving system. Therefore it need to often get check if the system perform well. If it is not, it can cause to damage driving. Even machine has good sensor, but human still have better sense to avoid damage, especially in driving.

 What Are Self-Driving Cars Pros And Cons

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