White Smoke from Exhaust Car Pipe

To maintenance the car is little bit difficult, it is not like to maintain the motorcycle. The price when we buy the car is not the same when we maintain it. The price of the car cheaper than the price to maintain it. May be many people don’t believe that truth. Just compare it with the price when we take a credit, in a month we should pay for IDR 2.000.000, but the maintenance of the car will be as same as the price we buy based on the using of this car. Many trouble when we don’t be careful in maintain the car. It can be trouble in storage battery, or in the emissions of car smoke. Some trouble in the car can be shown in the smoke that it comes out. For example White Smoke from Exhaust car pipe, it can indicate that the car give signal trouble in some parts.

White Smoke From Exhaust

White Smoke from Exhaust definitely give signal trouble that happen underneath the hood of car. This white smoke should be concerned with the emissions. When this white smoke is come out when we start the car in the morning, it can be indication that the emission is get the white vapor. The white smoke will be end when the car is getting warm.

When the White Smoke from Exhaust still come out after engine is warm, so it indicates that there is a trouble with the engine and there is something wrong. Usually this problem come from the trouble of engine block and the leak of head gasket in the coolant. The darkness of the smoke is indicate how deep the problem in the car machine. If the smoke is light, so the trouble in the car does not become a big trouble. When it is going to darker, it means the trouble should be serious. It is so dangerous when the smoke is darker and darker, just put the car in the car workshop, and they will fix your car.

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